MOC done – onto the next challenge

I never could have ever imagined MOC would have been anything like what it was.  I have learned so much about my scrapping style and came out of MOC with a whole bag of new techniques I can’t wait to use.  Here are some more of my favourite MOC layouts I created during the month of January.

The next big event has already begun at The lilypad and it’s called Love our Designers. Each day from Feb 12 to March 21st a new designer will be featured and all that is required is for you to post a LO using that designers work.  That’s it. Simple and easy – I like that.  Best part is that the designer has one day sales and sometimes a freebie posted.

Today was Bella Gypsy and I LOVE her Magic Moments collections (big shock there).  I ended up picking up the Fantasy Tales packs, since they were on my wish list and now on sale I couldn’t resist.  I ended up creating a layout of Jessalyn from our 2014 trip about her favourite ride – Barnstormer!



Friends For Life & more MOC 7

A good friend just released a new kit at Ginger Scraps called Friends for Life.  This kit is perfect for scrapping those captured moments with friends.

In August last year on our way to Walt Disney World we had the opportunity to meet up with a long time digi scrapping friend March.  marchfamily_aug2018-web

The other layout I was able to create was of my mother-in-law and Brielle. This kit matched my mother-in-laws scarf perfectly I couldn’t resist doing a layout.


Here is the Friends for Life kit is available Here in the Ginger scraps store.


And here are 4 more of my MOC 7 pages – see my gallery at TLP for credits.

MOC 7 at The lily Pad

This is my first year taking part in the Month of Challenges at The Lily Pad and so far it’s a blast.  Every day they post a new digital scrapbooking challenge.  I have already learned so many new techniques and been pushed out of my scrapbooking comfort zone. As a side challenge for myself I’m attempting to make every layout for MOC 7 Disney related.

Here are the first 12 days.

You can find these with their credits in my gallery at TLP here

Where to start?

I’ve been looking at my folder of pictures from our trip and wondering where do I start? There are SO many photos that I love and want to get scrapped before my mind looses all the personal journaling touches.  Note to self: keep a journal for next year to jot down key moments/phrases to include in my layouts.

Anyways, I decided to start at the beginning. Our first park day was Animal Kingdom, so that’s where I’m going to start.  I found a great kit by Connie Prince called Kingdom of Animals, I added the extra Journal Cards pack and Inked Bits pack and started scrapping.  Before I knew it I had 8 pages done!

Here is a clickable preview of Kingdom of Animals by Connie Prince.


Template bundle layouts

Just coming back from Disney World and I discover that I have well over 3000 photos to sort through and turn into scrapbook keepsakes.  I was excited when I saw Connie Prince’s new template collection.  What a perfect way to get a bunch of photos done quickly.

You can find the products I used by clicking on the following links

September 2018 Template Bundle – By Connie Prince

Star Fighters – by Connie Prince

#2018 September Bundle – by Connie Prince

Sunset Bundle – By Connie Prince

Disney 2017 Trip

Anyone who knows me knows I love Disney.  We are a Disney loving family and have been taking yearly trips to Walt Disney World.  Last year we drove down, Brielle was only 9 weeks old at the time.  This was a very special trip for Chris and I as it marked our 10th wedding Anniversary.  We planned have our Anniversary Dinner in the Beasts Castle (and it was delicious).  Over the next few weeks I’d love to share with you the memories I had from this trip and hopefully get it all scrapped before we head down again next month.


 Layout kit credits: Travel Journal by Blagovesta Gosheva

We are crazy enough to drive every year. This helps with travel expenses and it’s a great bonding experience for our family.  Oh there are times when I wish we could fly every year, but these memories we make along the road are so important.

A new beginning

Happy Saturday everyone.  I don’t know what your Saturdays are like but for the Wilson household Saturdays in the Summer are filled with T-Ball practice, Karate lessons, Laundry, yard work and grocery shopping for the next week.  Years ago (before kids) Saturdays were a day to sleep in, relax and maybe do a little work around the house.  When our oldest daughter Azure-lee was born (almost 10 years ago) our life began to change as we entered into parenthood.  I ended up quitting my job as a graphic designer and opening up a home daycare care.  It was around this time I stumbled into digital scrapbooking.  I believe at the time I was trying to find things to print off to use as simple wall decorations for her bedroom.  I was immediately drawn to digital scrapbooking and in time became a Digital Scrapbook designer myself.  In 2011 we were blessed with another daughter Jessalyn and just before her 3rd birthday we made a move into a new home (more space for our growing family).  My life had become crazy with running a business (working 12 hours a day) then caring for my 2 daughters and husband that keeping up with my digital scrapbooking designs was no longer possible.  So with a heavy heart I had to step back from designing.  Late 2016, after a long time of trying, I found out I was pregnant again.  This pregnancy was much harder on my body than the first 2.  I was closely monitored and having constant blood work and tests done to make sure our little peanut was growing properly.  Thankfully in May 2017 our 3rd daughter, Brielle was born – Happy and healthy!   Life quickly went back to as normal as it could be with 3 daughters and a home daycare to run.  But one thing was missing, I missed creating the scrapbooking layouts that helped to preserve those precious memories and moments in our life.

In May 2018 I came back to digital scrapbooking and boy have things changed.  I’m slowly navigating my way around again and so far I love what I have found.  I feel as though this is a fresh start, a new beginning for me in my quest to preserve our memories.  I have no plans yet to begin designing, I’m focusing on catching up on years of unscrapped memories.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I share my family and our lives with you One Layout at a Time.Sisters_May2017Web

layout credits: Sisters Kit by studio basic designs and pink reptile designs